10 things people with spotless kitchens do every day

Fill in the gaps

While waiting for the kettle to boil, the oven timer to go off or the radio programme to end, wipe down the kitchen surfaces, fronts of cupboards or appliances.

Make sure you wipe down surfaces using an anti-bacterial product. We like the Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleaning Wipes.

Evict the clutter

If it doesn’t belong in the kitchen, reunite it with its owner. Be ruthless! If it’s urgent paperwork, have a special place for it and give it the attention it deserves.

If there are products you only use once or twice a year, pop them into a basket and store it on a top shelf, at the back of a cupboard or in another less accessible spot. Keep the easy-access storage space for the things you use daily or weekly.

Use hot water

Before preparing a meal, run a bowl of hot soapy water and empty the dishwasher. You can not only wash your hands easily in between food preparation tasks, but also wash up as you go along or soak equipment before loading the dishwasher.

Don't ignore dirty dishes

It can be tempting to leave the odd dish lying around and tell yourself that you will wash it up later. But, dishes quickly mount up.

It's best to wash all dirty dishes as soon as possible. If you're busy with guests, at least rinse the dishes under a hot tap to stop food debris hardening or staining/

Do fridge audits

Check the fridge for sticky spills (and wipe them up ASAP), then scan for foods past their use-by date.

Funny smell coming from the fridge? Use a solution of 15ml (1tbsp) bicarbonate of soda to 1 litre warm water, or a disinfectant solution such as Milton Sterilising Fluid to banish nasty niffs.

Keep a cloth handy at all times

After the evening meal, wipe round the sink and taps with hot soapy water or an anti-bacterial spray, then quickly buff to a shine.

Rinse the dishcloth in hot soapy water and spread it out to dry at the end of the day.

 Thank you, fans

Use the extractor fan whenever using the hob (and when frying, use a splashguard). Wipe up spills as they occur so they don’t become baked on.

Find alternatives

If you’ve run out of kitchen cleaner, try bicarb. Mix it with water and use it to clean counter tops, stainless-steel sinks, microwaves, and cooking utensils.

Vinegar and lemon have a variety of uses, too! Run out of bin bags? Use plastic carrier bags.

Don’t leave a dirty oven

Give it a quick wipe round once it’s cool. If you leave spills, they’ll get really baked on the next time you use the oven.

Tip: Before you turn off the oven, place a heat-resistant bowl of water inside for 20min to loosen dirt and grease. Switch off the oven and allow to cool, and then wipe the interior surfaces with a paper towel.


A final sweep

A vacuum or sweep of the kitchen floor once a day stops surfaces becoming scratched by grit, and prevents grime getting embedded or trodden through the rest of the house.


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