Foldable Cooking Basket

Foldable Cooking Basket

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  •  A clever gadget that transforms itself for dozens of everyday use. Use it to boil, steam, deep fry, blanch, steam, rinse and drain. The best part is, it folds flat for easy storage.
  • FOOD SAFE QUALITY: Strong and durable stainless steel construction is food grade for safe food contact applications.
  • This Foldable Cooking Basket folding cooking basket opens up into a hanging-style basket that fits perfectly into your pots and pans. Boil pasta, rinse vegetables, or deep fry french fries. Simply lift up to drain. Invert the basket to use as a steamer or flip the handles downward to use as a free standing colander. Cooking has never been safer and easier.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply clean with water and dish detergent.


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