Silicone Cat Egg Shaper

Silicone Cat Egg Shaper

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  • Silicone Cat Egg Shaper Cute and unique design make your cooking more interesting.A perfect fried egg mold helps you make delicious breakfast quickly. Using this fried egg mold will certainly brighten up your breakfast. Food grade silicone material, easy to clean and durable use.
  • No more morning and breakfast eggs without facing and be surrounded by cats. These silicone molds are super cute and turn an ordinary breakfast into something special. 
  • Just imagine how surprising your cat-loving friend or partner will look, once he sees a fried egg or two on his breakfast plate that has the shape of a cat head? Add some bacon to add to pimp the look and taste of your fried good morning egg.
  • Definitely a nice good morning treat for the person you love. 

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